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Integration testing

Hello Christoph,

As you mentioned here there are different ways to start the environment (but you are making use plugins made for web-servers).

I have a multi module project, which contains 2 spring-boot application and one stand alone application without spring (Just a java class with main method).

What is the best way to start up these 2 spring-boot application and the stand alone application in the pre-integration-test phase?

- parent
-- module1 (spring-boot)
-- module2 (spring-boot)
-- module3 (stand alone)
-- module4 (citrus project with test cases)

I would like to start modules 1 to 3 (in the pre-integration step) before citrus run the integration test (in separate jvm). After the integration step is done I would like to stop all the jvm, started in pre-integration-step.
I'm still unable to setup a good way to do that.

Note module3 would start a server application where the module1 and module2 would try to connect to, so there is a kind of order in which the processes should be started.

I think I need to do something in the pom.xml of the module4 (citrus) to start up the environment, and module 1 to 3 would be left without any info about integration testing right?

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Re: Integration testing

Christoph Deppisch
The bakery sample in citrus-samples repository is a good example for you. The bakery sample starts workers as plain Java main processes using Maven exec-maven-plugin in pre-integration-test phase.

Have a look at the details in sample-bakery/integration/pom.xml where the profile workers-embeddedstarts several Java main classes as standalone applications using exec script execution. The start/stop scripts can be reused for your project, too

Also consider to use Docker as a complete alternative infrastructure setup. The Docker way of starting multiple containers with different standalone applications in pre-integration-test phase is also used in the bakery sample. The sample uses the docker-maven-plugin to start/stop the complete infrastructure. Have a look at the configuration in